Money and Lighters

I rarely use cash.  I often carry some cash just in case.  But instead of keeping it in my purse I stuff it into my bra.  Its mainly the left side that I hide things in but; if I'm hiding or wanting to keep up with a couple of things at once I use both sides.  I have put my cell phone, lighter and money in my bra for safe keeping.  If I am going to a bar and I know I'll be dancing all night I'll stuff my credit card and my cigarettes and lighter in there.  The money is usually folded and placed into the plastic wrapper of the cigarettes.

I'm a new bra carrier due to the fact that I've always been smaller up top than larger girls.  Within the past couple of years I've gained 10lbs and my bra size has increased.  I like the new me (up front), my beamers are getting brighter lol.

Bras are better than purses when you're traveling light.

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have you ever had something bulky in your bra cup and then wear a tight fitting jersey or tank top?

can i ask you what reaction do you get from men if your in a nightclub dancing and he sees you pulling your cash from inside your bra cup? your not alone i see lots of women do this mostly in nightclubs and pubs.

its a real sexual turnon to me when women use there bra cup as a pocket. if they wear a tight fitting tank top and carry something bulky like a change purse and cell phone at the same time its the greatest look i can ever imagine. only a few times in my life have i seen this. once was on a beach the girl had her money-cell phone and a camera all in her bikini top. all on the left side. she didnt care to much it was noticable as her top was small and things were half falling out. im getting turned on now rethinking the wonderful day.

Its the weirdest thing Iza. I don't think I remember seeing a woman with both top and back. I don't think you can stuff anything else into those jeans of yours *giggles* Iza got back!!!!<br />
<br />
Ola! ((((((((hugs)))))))) where on earth have you been? I never see you anymore. I'm so glad you stopped by today. Today is a bra-less day.... nothing but lady lumps. I'm sure they're not hard to find. :D

isn't it cool to be silly?

This is a great story. I especially like all your comments to your story-lol

**feeling up slikmac's groin**'re lucky to have big juggs. I would trade 3 inches of hair for juggs.

:) a man never goes into a woman's purse.

the pleasure was all mine.

You're very welcome.

Why thank you ICL

wow me too said I. Great