So Glad I Found This Group!

I put EVERYTHING in my bra.  I stick my phone in there, in public I just stuff my phone in there with no shame.  I've seen people look at me.  I don't care!  I put money in there, I've forgotten quarters under my boob.  I have been known to put a CD player or ipod in there.  Anything, I will put in my bra if I don't want someone to get it!

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Well there are benefits to having boobs big enough to have space in your bra for your phone (mine is always there!), a bit of cash, and your car keys LOL! :oD

when i was in las vegas i won 4000 dollars at blackjack. along with the other money i had with me it totaled about 7ooo dollars. yes i put it inside my bra cup without another thought and kept it there all week. i will say the group i was travelling with did get a kick out of me. commenting about how my left boob was shaped different than my right. well with that much money there was nothing i could do about it. i provided the entertainment espically for the men with us.

Yeah, you are quite irresistable!<br />
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Lol! Heeeeelll yeeeeeaa!

Why sure... But then I might make you "go fishing" in my bra for the joint when you want it =P

Yeah I know what you mean. The world is not a safe place.

My GrandMother use to keep all of her money in her bra & that day and age I know it was safe, but these days I don't think anything is safe anywhere

LOL too funny. <br />
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My mother gets all "flustered" blushing severely if she sees me do it. Naturally, my guy has no problem with that ;)

Haha! My mom always calls me "Helen" because that is my grandmother's name and that is what she used to do. She would just pull a wad of money out of her bra at the store to pay!

ROFL I do this too! I didn't realize this group existed Oh boy yet another one to join! ;) It reminds me of the Playtex bra commercial with the short, "chubby" blonde woman who puts things in and takes things out of her bra and hands them to her friend next to her. Yep, that's me and my best friend. Though she would also put things in her bra as well hahaha!

Ah, yes the ultimate storage locker.

I just got a mental picture of your cellphone on the vibrate setting (insert smiley here).