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I don't really hide things, it's not like there's a game of hide and seek going on. :P I do use my bra for storage. If I don't have any pockets then I.D., cash, chapstick will be stored in there. It's quite handy, a bra. :) I'm sure other things have been placed in there also but it was only for fun to see what all can fit. ha So maybe there was  a game of hide and seek with my bra before....haha

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A braless appreciation day, everyday? I think a friend of mine has a story about such.<br />
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No you don't sound like a tool! How could you ever? :)

I say we ban all bras (Axston*imagines endless days of watching women fondling their breasts). Free from all tyranny I believe women will be much happier. And to those who have a little less up top get prego and problem solved.<br />
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Hope I didn't sound to much like a tool, am I a tool?

Yeah I live in a pretty hot climate, at least during the summer. Not the best idea because everything gets moist: money, ID, etc. That sucks about your friend's phone, I'd be quite upset if my boobs caused phone damage.

If you live where I do, the sweat will ruin your cell phone! I have a friend who did that.

haha that's true dream...I can usually find crumbs etc at the end of the day

haha well it could still work with an iphone dependent upon your outfit and how well it can conceal such...maybe

I've been seeing women recently pulling their cell phone out of their bra. I guess that works well unless you have an iphone!

That's so true TP...especially when you're reaching for something

You could hide my hands in there :) LOL

haha well I figured that was a no brainer :P

Try it sometime bigheart

hmm? ... sounds fun ..hehe

Very much so, ichooselife. Going out is a lot easier when you don't have to keep up with a purse.

Isn't it cool to go purseless sometimes?