Only When I Dont Want to Carry a Purse

Like at the county fair or when I am volunteering at the homeless shelter, schools ect....

It's not practical to carry all that stuff when your going to be handing out things and be busy all day.

So I'll stuff my phone and maybe a bit of cash and my keys...if it all fits lol.

It's uncomfortable and kinda gross if you sweat, I hold onto that money for awhile, otherwise I would feel guilty handing someone moist money. yuck.

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3 Responses May 21, 2009

i had a school teacher that had a wallet inside her bra cup every day . it was quite noticable when she wore a tight fitting jersey. i dont think she cared she must have looked at herself in the mirror but she still kept it there. she was from another country and that may have been the custom there.i was fascinated and looked it it all the time. it was in the left cup pushed down almost to the bottom.

put the money in a zip lock bag.<br />
<br />
But isn't it uncomfortable there?<br />
<br />
Doesn't it make your boobs look strange and perhaps call attention?

I think lots of women do this. I don't know how many times I've said to someone, "Your boob's going off." :-)