Three Musketeers In The Highscool Halls.

1 High School, two to three thousand people, three girls I happen to know, and me. To the point, I was friends with these girls, good friends you could say. Little did I know that they hate me. I don't really hang out with them anymore but recently I heard from the "grape-vine" that they really seem to dislike me. Two of them we'll call them Sammy and Renny, they've probably hated me from the begging. The third, we'll call her Kaia, she just recently started disliking me. Sammy and Renny have been telling Kaia how much of a bad person I am, how annoying am, how stupid I am, how ugly I am but Kaia didn't listen. However, when I joined the softball team and got in and she did not, that's when she started disliking me aswell. Those three musketeers spread sh*t about me all over school I've discovered, but I would have never guessed considering how they act around me. The least someone could do if they dislike someone is let it be known but be discreet at least. It's not like leading someone on to think your friends, like in my predicament, or totally letting it be obvious you don't like this person... ex. telling everyone else you don't like them and giving dirty looks. But who am I kidding, it's also not like we can just all get along and sing Kumbai-yah around the camp fire. The least I can do for MYSELF though is be more of a bigger person, and let that be beneath me. It's not like I would go on Facebook or Twitter and post things about them subliminally, I wouldn't. But venting out on a blog doesn't hurt either. High school sure isn't what it looks like in movies or shows. Its not ridiculously fancy and there aren't exactly horrendous amounts of good looking people. One thing media IS right about though, is all the drama non-sense and the social exceptance. It's a total emotional roller coaster, the best thing to do is keep your head high through it all until its over. What should always be kept in mind is that High school isn't real life, the rest of life starts when its over.
myeverydaylife myeverydaylife
13-15, F
May 9, 2012