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Western Ny State

We are part owners of a cabin in New York. Within a 15 minute drive I have 2 trails to enjoy nudity.

The first is a hiking trail that can have many visitors. I have actually mountain biked this trial nude 5 or 6 times over the years. I always pick a weekday morning for these rides, since the trail would have less visitors on weekdays. I have never run into anyone while on one of my nude rides (at least on this trail, that is another story though). This trail for the most part stays in the woods for a good 15 miles. I however have only done around 8 miles while nude.

The other area is in a gorge, and has a un-official nude area. It requires a 10-15 minute hike down into the gorge, then once you are in the gorge, you hike down a creek. I have left my car nude and hiked for the next 2-3 hours with nothing but a towel and a small back pack with water, camera and cell phone. I visit this area a lot, and can never get enough of it.
nytro44 nytro44 51-55, M 3 Responses Nov 12, 2010

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Nice to hear other upstaters hiking trails like I like to hike. . I am in the finger lakes area

Isonsafun, not sure about the eternal flame in the waterfall???<br />
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Visiting Zoar seems to be a ticket waiting to happen, at least from what I've been reading. Chautauqua seems to be a safer (at least as far as being nude goes) area.<br />
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I'll be back in that area in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to it too!

There are 2 gorges in western NY where nudity can be experienced, one is Zoar valley gorge, as long as the local law enforcement isn't around. The other is Chautauqua gorge, where the local authorities have been allowing nudity in the gorge for many years, even though it is a unoffical nudist location.<br />
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I visit the Chautauqua gorge. Zoar is a little to far of a drive for me while I'm in the area for vacation.