Bandelier National Monument, Nm, Usa

I have spent many days naked hiking in Bandelier National Monument which is west of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. It is adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest and much of it is wooded or partly wooded land.

In the middle of Bandelier National Monument is a tourist center focused on some Native American Pueblo ruins from the 13th century. The rest of it is miles and miles of vacant land with a few trails.

One time several members of an AANR "travel" club organized a 3 day hike into the southern side of Bandelier on the far side from the visitor center. I wanted to hike naked, but all the rest were worried about meeting someone on the trails. My experience has been that even most AANR "nudists" will only go naked in limited places like AANR resorts. They did take off their clothes a few times in our camp after a day of hiking. Sheeesh! I like to hike naked. I hike naked when I hike in Bandelier by myself.

On the west end of Bandelier is a marked 5 mile cross country ski trail. Its a ski trail because it really doesn't have a trail, just markers nailed to trees every couple hundred yards. In winter the skiers are on top of snow and follow each other's tracks. In summer, its almost abandoned, and in many places its difficult to follow the markers. I spent many days hiking naked there. One time I convinced a couple friends from the AANR "travel" club to join me in a naked day hike. That one time we were crossed by 4 other people hiking the other direction. They made some crass comments but probably envied our freedom. That was the only time I met anyone on the "ski" trail.

I also hiked in other parts that had no trails and got to know most of the back country. One time I was on a well used section of tourist trail and heard a lot of noise. I ducked behind a rock while about 50 girl scouts went by. Probably some parent would have whined if her "princess" saw an actual male human body. They passed by and I resumed my hike. Carpe Diem!
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Dan, I am your neighbor to the West, I may come East ;-) Well it's that or the naked convertible trip to the Grand Canyon :D

Hiking Nude In New Mexico I've hiked many times in New Mexico, most often in the Sandia mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico, and also in the Jemez mountains to the northwest, near Los Alamos. I've only hiked nude there once - and that for only part of our hike in and out - to McCauley Warm Springs in Santa Fe National Forest. It's a very nice hike through the high forest to a beautiful warm springs near the Jemez River Falls. There are several pools, some very large, with perfectly clear water, in a very scenic glade. I was with a woman who was my high school girl friend 30+ years earlier. It was lovely to be together in the all together again! There were a fair number of other nude bathers and hikers and a few timid textiled folks passing by. It's a beautiful part of this world.

Many times I've been to McCauley warm springs. The Jemez Falls forest camp was closed for repair for about 4 years so I would hike naked for about 1/2 mile to there and then the 2 more miles to McCauley. At the springs we always went naked even when it was occupied by textiles when we arrived. Hope you have a chance to go there again.

How marvelous! A beautiful place to be naked. It was amusing how some textiles were so surprised to come upon naked people where they never expected it. I love New Mexico - one of my favorite places - so rich with beautiful places like the springs.

Great story.
Being nude and flaunting it are two completely different things. AANR thinks they are doing a service by keeping nudity under wraps. Well, we shouldn't be throwing it into others faces, but we should let them know that there is nothing lewd or nasty about being bare.
Most cases, when the clothed encounter the unclothed in the wilderness, nothing happens. I have never encountered a girl scout troupe and hope that trend continues. But I have encountered Mom's with kids, singles and groups, with not a harsh word said by any.

I hear that suggestion about "throwing it in their faces" a lot. I don't buy it. When you act in your life as if you have something to be ashamed of, something that has to be hidden, then you demonstrate to yourself and to the world that you are doing something shameful. The AANR policy promotes body shame and self identity as people who do something "wrong" that needs to be hidden from public view.

Meeting people who are clothed, "throwing their clothes in our faces" hardly ever gets a complaint, and displays our opinion that naked is as natural as breathing. The more often we are seen hiking naked the more we show other people that naked is an acceptable choice of an "outfit" for the day. Carpe Diem!

So funny...AANR travel club folks don't hike nude when on an AANR hike! I have never done any nude hiking, other than from the parking lot to the secluded nude beach. I am planning to do some this summer, though. Wish me luck!