Nude Hiking In An Arizona Canyon

I love to go outside of the city and hike in a beautiful canyon in the desert.  In the Spring, the snow run-off from the mountains creates a strong flowing river and many pools for swimming.   There are huge smooth rocks around for basking naked in the sun....there are amazing views of the surrounding mountains and lots of wild life. 

jases jases
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Looking for a nude hiking experience with maybe some skinny dipping in Az. Will be mostly near Phoenix...Sedona...Flagstaff...probably in February. I know it could be cold the further north we go.

Ahh, that is a fond memory. A long time ago a buddy and I ducked out of a convention at a camp north of Tuscon and had a great naked hike into a narrow canyon. We didn't start out nude, but once we got into the canyon we encountered pools blocking our way. After several of these we simply never re-dressed and stayed nude all the way back to the camp. Yes, all the way. The pool was at the edge of the camp and where we arrived. We walked in and dove into the water. There were a couple of girls there, but they were totally cool with it. A great hike and day...