The AT Restores Me

I attempted a thru-hike in '93........I did not become a 2,000 miler, but I hope to try it again some day.  There are many times when modern life simply sucks the soul right out of me.  I'm lucky enough to live close to the AT, and I go there frequently to get my soul back and put all the crap of daily life in perspective. 

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5 Responses Oct 4, 2008

Hey dcnsc! We probably won't meet in the same shelter because I avoid them, if possible. The mice are terrible (but very smart to know that there is plenty of food for them in the shelters), and listening to the snores and more from sleeping strangers detracts from my enjoyment of the AT! NOW, sharing a secluded campsite around the same fire many possibilities!

We also live close to the AT and enjoy a lot of day hikes and a few overnighters. Sum day we will do more but for now we enjoy the short hikes....Hmmm....what if met on the trail and were sleepin in the same shelter...just a thought. dc

The forest is quite beautiful, if somewhat wet, these days. Been out lately?

We're quite close to the trail also. I cross it every day going to and from work.

I do something similar, but on a bicycle. Nature is so therapeutic!