First Time On AT In '09

Last Sunday I hiked a short distance on the AT.  Eating lunch on a large rock outcropping, facing east, I saw patches of snow and ice on the the north facing slopes below us.  The temperature at the time was 65F, which made the small, frozen waterfall we came across later even more astounding.  What a fabulous treasure! 

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Howdy neighbor. I live not far from Springer myself. Just north in TN. If you ever need a hike partner this summer, give me a call. And do not worry, I promise to keep my clothes on (unless you insist otherwise - HA!)

It's never too late, PedroVoter. As is evident with the book I recommended. I'm not far from Springer Mt., where the southern trail begins. I love to see some of the thru-hikers on the trails around here. I can't say my family would appreciate me being gone for the better part of a year, HA! But hiking part of the trail is on my to-do list this year.

"There Are Mountains To Climb" by Jean Deeds.<br />
She was a 40ish exec who said, "I'm outta here." Then trained and hiked the trail. Great, fun story.

I bet the view on the ledge was beautiful. This is on my bucket list. We're hoping to do some of this over the summer!

Sounds Fantastic. Hope to see more of the southern AT this spring. Glad you got out there.