You Can Get A Guy

ok so for you girls who think that abnormal hair growth will ruin dating for you. I decided to be entirely open with some guys i know about it and thay all say I still think you're beautiful and this is like six guys and I was expected an "ugh my god really you freak?" but no not at all. So just remember you may not be happy about the hair. Im definitely not, but usually your worst critic is yourself.
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Thnx...dat also happend wid nw I m confident....

This was just what I needed to hear,especially since this is a very touchy subject. I've never known that SOOOO many of us deal with it

I was thinking about doing laser my self. I'm actually in a relationship of three years, age 23... Its kind of backwards how I wrote that lol... The facial hair is really an issue for me. I don't let my boyfriend touch my face until I have freshly shaved. One day he was trying to hold me down and touch my face and I just ran out the door. Even though I've been in a relationship for 3 years and have had male friends before, I still can't believe that these guys like me (not with the hair on my face).

In saying that its okay to accept who you are. You can run but you can never hide. This has been hurting me for years. The parts that bother me the most is my upper lip and chin. I have had a few people make fun of me, and I am very conscious of people when they are looking at me. I battle with this daily, and I can't stand to look in the mirror any longer...

I'm in a field where I'll have to be on camero a lot, and I just don't want to be misrepresented for having hair on my face, I'm embarrased.

Thank you again for your story, It was very inspiring to my struggle

All of the comments I've read here are very encouraging. I read another blog yesterday, called "Single Black Male" (I'm white but prefer black guys), and it made me want to kill myself! I mean this dude went on for a whole page about how hirsute women are ugly, unfeminine, not real women, unsexy, dyke-y, etc etc...what a rude idiot. Almost made me want to blog back and use the "N" word...just to wake this guy up that he's writing stuff that REALLY hurts women like me, who are cursed with this condition.

My boyfriend (yes, I do have one, he's Jamaican and gorgeous) said that what that blogger said is BS...his opinion: facial hair on women is socially unacceptable (I agree, I hate that I have it and spend an hour every day making myself presentable). But he recognizes that its a medical condition, and as long as I take care of it, he accepts me as I am. He says that the hair problem is "trivial" compared with the psychological hell that some of his past girlfriends put him through...

I hate having to shave my face, and struggle with a very low self-image due to this. I find that I back down too easily, often apologizing for stuff I haven't even done! I'm terrified of offending it's good to read that there are other women like me. And also that there are men who accept us and aren't horrified, coz they see the bigger picture.

I could cope with having hairy arms back stomach legs even chest.. Its the neck and face thats the worst i cant even look at myself in the mirror without feeling sick :(

Another young guy here hoping to find a hirsute girl one day! You are brave and I'm happy to see you being yourself!

Thank you for trying to help others out!!! I went and looked hirsutism up. Do doctors usually know what they are looking at/for or do they tend to say things like, "you're just a hairy person and there is nothing we can do about"? I mean because if hirstism is not a disease but a symptom of some other disease, do doctors know to look for the actual cause.

Some men like hairiness, Oh but me myslef I hate having it. I had laser so now there is barely any on my face and what I do hae I also tweeze and wax. Before I had laser if I waxed it was back in two days.

Ugh I am also a hairy woman, got it from my Mother. I shave my legs, underarms, privates, but I leave the hair on my arms. I cannot tell you how many men have run their fingers across it and commented on how sexy it was. It makes me unique...anyone can have smooth hairless arms, I could too, but I choose to be ME.

Ima be honest I really like hairy girls:) but it makes me mad when all you wonder a beautiful girls/women wanna get rid of that wonderful hair you have:) god gave you it so don't get rid of it stay hairy;)

See that? what did i say...I'm right, again. :)

yes, you sure can, I am one of them. Prefer a natural woman to shaven, any day.

I do have tosay though the facial hair does bug me. I hate waxing and eplating and tweezing only to have it come right back. Im getting it lasered tomorrow. I did it before only two sessions it was gone for a year now it's decided to come back.

You know what I think. It's hair, just hair it can be removed and even if not any guy worth having wouldn't judge ba<x>sed on some excessive hair. Some men even like it. I never would have believed it but it's true.