Confusion . .

I have many insecurities, most i probably will never share with another human being. I have found the courage or rather got so annoyed i have told people i grow hair on my face. It annoys me more when they look and i feel their eyes and they say nothing. Do they think i dont notice them looking? Or do they think i missed a spot? I seldom use hair removal creams anymore. The effect it has on my mind is more violent when i see that white cream burning and blemishing my skin. Its is defeminising. So this is where the confusion sets in. Was i meant to become a man, should i have sprouted a penis while nesting in the womb? Is the attraction i have for both sex's caused by this image problem? Maybe, maybe not. Bottom line you have to learn to live with it right? If you dont learn it eats at you like a cancer, rotting you and making you bitter. A feeling i try to repress as long as i can.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

i love very hairy women.the more hair the better.i know many men that thing so too.just look at the internet. you have somethink very special.the right man will find you a tresure.

I use to think like that all the time but felt there are those who have worse than me. I completely accepted hirsutism, like alot of other females I have a hairy body. */*

These are the exact words that I would use to describe how I feel.