Hey Guys :)

Soo like everyone here, feeling down frusturated and panicky everytime i step into the world -especially on a sunny day ;) - is getting a little much. Im 24 years old, Canadian background..nobody else in my immediate family with hirutism. I've been tested for thyroid issues and hormone levels all checked out. I'm not overweight or having to struggle with those issues, however dealing with this Im left to believe I'm still unlucky because none of my friends have to deal with this crap. I've hid the issu as best as I can for years. I have hairs on my face, neck, tummy, bum and thicker on my legs and underarms. Its very hard to let guys get close to me (especialy for a sleepover.. good lord) and I'm pretty much exhausted with it all. I have huge anxiety about it and then I have anxiety because I feel guilty that I have so much distress over excess hair. Glad I found this group and look forward to reading your stories.
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I am a 20 year old female and I have the same problem with not letting guys get close. I feel like just giving up on dating honestly.