My First Post & Not Sure How To Start

Well I'm 25 years old & have been dealing with hirsutim from PCOS for the past 4 years. This is pretty hard to write but i want to talk to some women that go threw this as well maybe meet a friend i can talk to & we can help each other when trying to work past the feelings we have about our selves. I cry (im tearing up right now writing this) when I have to pluck & wax my face. I can't wax or bleach certain parts of my body like my chest cuz i get a really bad rash that is painful. It started when I stopped taking birth control when i was 19-20 then my periods started getting irregular & the hair started to grow. Iv allways had a small mustache & side burns but hair started to grow on my stomach, increase on my arms & genitals, & of cores chin and neck. It was just a little at first but got worst over the years. I haven't had a doctor for a few years & don't really trust medications so haven't wanted to get started back on birth control or a hormone treatment. I gained a bunch of weight over that 4 years Almost 100 lbs but have lost 70 lbs over this past year. My periods have regulared out but the hair growth hasn't stopped so I'm getting to the point of just giving in & goin to the doctor to get back on birth control or see if I need a hormone treatment to make it slow down. I'm tired of feeling ugly & hiding. Only a few of my close friends know & love me for who I am. Its hard to get close to guys tho. My last boyfriend was understanding & it was awesome. But I havent been able to get close to anyone else sense we broke up a year ago. Iv been asked out on dates but haven't gone outta fear. I have cute clothes I feel i can't wear anymore cuz I'm afraid of the judgment if people see my chest hairs. Even if know one says anything its the looks they can hurt just as bad. I just wanna feel normal. I hate our society & how it makes me feel like a freak cuz I don't have a hair free body like women r suppose to have. I know I'm not the only one there's millions of women all over the world dealing with this. That's why I'm hear I wanna talk to others. So there's my story thanks for reading & feel free to reply would love to hear from some one
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I'm so thankful for you sharing your story becuz I've felt so alone for years,14 to be exact. I struggle everyday but this forum is EXACTLY what I needed, thanx again for sharing you story ★★WE ROCK☆☆

Hey no problem thank you for reading and I'm glad you did if you ever need to talk feel free to contact me I'm glad to help or listen :)

i love hairy women and know many men do too. the more hair the better. just look on the have something special that many men love. please feel good about yourself and you will find that special man.

You keep commenting on my stories about Hirsutism & saying how much you love hairy women & its weird I don't like it. If you like reading the stories so much read my confession inspired by men like you that I want nothing to do with.

I greatly appreciate your honesty. Our stories are similar. hirsutism is a hard thing to deal with. Ive tried different types of hair removal, but nothing has worked. The increase in growth came after I stopped taking birth control. Often I feel weak and want to stay indoors, and when I go out, my discolored skin catches the eyes of everyone. Especially children. I hope you the very best for you. If your ever need to talk , or vent let me know!

Thank u so much it really meens a lot u responding to me & hearing from some one who knows & understands. & yes I would love 2 chat some time.