Hirsute Lesbian And Proud!!!

Cool, another blog to tell my hirsute story. At my current location hirsute women/lesbians are unsupported (Chicago, IL.). I have accepted hirsutism at 27 then I did 14 years ago. I use to consider myself suffering from werewolf sydrome til I came across the word hirsute :). I definitely use to consider myself alone in the U.S. with this particular problem. Like alot of other women first noticed excessive hair when I was a preteen, hated it and myself. Now that Im pushing 30 come to realize nobody's perfect and to love myself for who I am. I dont mind my hirsutism anymore, this is the way I am. Whether anyone likes it or not. Though I might be alone for the rest of my life, it still doesn't hurt to try to look for that special gal for me (hopefully hirsute as well). The shaving is extremely difficult cause it grows back twice as fast, courser, and longer. So seriously considering what exactly is the point. Hirsute Power :-)

uniquennmc04 uniquennmc04
26-30, F
Nov 27, 2012