I Feel Like I Can Never Have Sex Again

Getting close to guys & feeling comfortable is a big challenge. I haven't been with a guy n over a year. My last boyfriend was understanding but after we broke up have found it hard to get close to some one new. It sucks cuz I get hit on & guys want to take me home but I get to self conscious & never go. & I really want to sex is great just like most people i really enjoy it but I don't want him to feel my stubble face or hairy body ie; stomach, chest, butt, ect.... Also I gained a bunch of weight then lost it but still have a mommy tummy & stretch marks. Not very hot when ur sex partner is jiggly/has loose skin & extra body hair. I went to a music show the other night dressed really cute. I had two different guys really hot to, wanna take me home & of cores I didn't go with either outta fear. Like everyone i have needs that should be satisfied but feel too ugly to go about it. I just hope some day I can learn to love my self & can accept my hirsutism & feel comfortable enough to have sex again.
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I also havent had sex for a while! Nearly 3 years to be precise.. Its been that long that it doesnt really bother me that much although i do often think that if i didnt have this condition i would love to be intimate with a guy again. An ex boyfriend from before i grew hairy who i was/still am totally in love with asked me to get back with him about a year ago and i turned him down.. It killed me inside but i felt i had no choice as i knew that there was no way i could bring myself to tell him. I feel for all us women who may never date again due to hirsutism!

I get u & understand 1000% but gurl don't push people away I know its hard I did it 4 a while 2 but I'm starting 2 realize doing that just makes u feel worst. A lot of my friends know & love & except me 4 who I am. There's even a few guys that know & they still think I'm a great person. I'm interested n this guy at the moment & when I feel comfortable I'm gonna tell him. No body 's perfect. Most guys go bailed anyways. & the shy sweet guys r the ones to go for mostly they understanding & don't care that how my last ex was. & if ur ex wants to get back with u just talk to him if he really cares about u he won't care he will understand It's something u can't control. & if he or anyone else doesn't there not worth ur time. Cuz those who mind don't matter & those matter don't mind. & its so true.

You'll most certainly have to. You don't want to live your life unhappy because of your condition. Understand that there are men out there who will not judge you based on things you cannot control.

Go forth and be happy! You never know if you don't try.


Thank u I really appreciate ur reply. I know I need to try its just our society that says its gross or taboo to have extra hair on our bodies & of cores iv feed n to it I hide alot, shave, pluck, wax, u name it iv done it. I got told once by a mail friend "wow u have more hair on ur stomach then I do!!" I was deviated!! The struggle to love myself is a big one but some day I hope to & to find some on that will love me for me hair & all

You will. A positive attitude will take you far in life. If you think you are sexy with all your hairy glory, guys will also notice and like that!

Self confidence is a very sexy trait. =)