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Hello, I'm 21 years old and this is my first time really reaching out to talk to people who can completely understand my circumstance. I have hirsutism brought on by PCOS. I guess I started noticing I had an issue when I was 14, I began growing long sideburns that other girls didn't have. I had always had hairier arms than most and a small patch of lower back hair but everyone claimed it was my Italian ancestry. Eventually I started noticing more hair on my back, a thick amount of hair around on my stomach that worked its way upward, more prominent lip hair. I stopped being able to even wear my hair in a ponytail by 15 because I was so embarrassed. PE would be a nightmare because I couldn't put my hair up. I was always told my problems would diminish if I lost weight but working out makes me feel so uncomfortablebecause I feel as if everyone can see my sideburns. I wake up every morning having to pluck so many hairs from my chin and neck and sideburns. I gave up on shaving my back and stomach. My back hair extended to my butt. I feel so uncomfortablewhen a guy shows interest in me because who wants to be with a girl who's as hairy as him and has stubble? Once, my grandfather told me I needed to shave. I was so extremely humiliated. I have never had anyone who understood me or that I could talk to about this and feeling alone has been my biggest struggle. I would love to have someone to talk to who knows where I'm coming from because this has been a daunting 7 years of dealing with this.
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many men love hairy women.just look on the internet.believe me there is a man for you. please feel good about yourself.

Hi, I may be able to help. I say maybe because this condition is curable depending on the hormonal disbalance you are affected with. Have you done any hormonal tests? Most doctors have no idea what to look for and or how to interpret the results. When they get the hormonal values they only compare to the labs unrealistically wide ref. ranges as they have no clue where the optimal values should be.

hi, i don't know if you'll want to hear from me, but i have exactly the same problem. (i'm only 13 though) i have a unibrow aswell though, do you have any tips, because my skin colour is black and i shave the middle of my unibrow, and where i shave is always paler than the rest of my face, its embarrassing. i also have your sideburn problem, but i was stupid and i shaved the, half-way down my ear, i was so stupid, i did it three weeks ago and it's really embarrassing, but all i want now is for it to grow back because i look like a boy now. i feel so so so so stupid:(
also, my mum has begun to notice and she shouts at me every now and then, it's like she's ashamed and that i've let her down:(
i truly feel like an idiot

I totally understand sweetie. I'm in the same boat, fuzzy all over and embarrassed by it. My dad made a thoughtless comment years ago that I'm sure he has long since forgotten but I know I sure haven't. I'm sorry your grandfather made the same mistake. Take comfort in knowing that there are those out there that really do understand and don't judge you. *hugs*

Have your bf/husband/so shave you. It is a bonding experience and you will both feel better about it.

I have hirsutism. I have been teased since I was little about being fuzzy. when I was younger it bothered me a lot but not so much any more.

I am fuzzy. I pluck once a week. if you have a hard time with getting all those little hairs on top of your lip, I use VEET. not supposed to but I do it anyways. leave it on for 3 minutes - and yes, it DOES burn. then wipe it off with wet rag. DO NOT put oil on it or lotion or anything because it'll burn and irritate.

I am more than my hair.

Very true little one.