Can't Cope!

Hello beautifuls :) Firstly i just wanted to say to everyone in this group your doing a fantastic job of supporting eachother! Ive suffered on my own for far too long and drove myself insane. I dont have anyone i can talk to about it because there is only my mum that knows and when we have tried to talk about it in the past i just get angry and cry! I dont feel im a nice person to be around anymore as im sure im severley depressed i fly off the handle at the slightest thing.. I used to be so chilled out and fun to be around. I used to go to college training to be a paediatric nurse and worked shifts in a bar some weekends and have nights out with friends.. Now i have no friends as i pushed them all away rather than having to embarrassingly explain why i couldnt go out or make a pathetic excuse. I have my own place but currently stay with my family as i worry about what harm i might do to myself if im alone. The only downside is that because my family dont know about my condition i wear a scarf from waking up until going to sleep as you can imagin this is awful in summer and i end up feeling ill due to over heating! I used to hate winter with it being dark and cold but now i dread winter ending :( life is unbearable and i dont know how much longer i can go on like this for. As for managing the hair i used to shave my face chin and neck but the hairs started to ingrow and i would get a rash so now i wax, i let it grow for 4 to 6 weeks then i wax and it only lasts a few days but a few days of feeling my pretty old self again is better than nothing.. Then it has to grow back again and i hide behind the scarf! The other thing that really worries me is being infertile; i dont have periods and havent for 2 years now. I have always wanted children but after reading that this condition is hereditary i dont think i ever will.. I wouldnt wish this upon my worst enemy never mind my own child! If anyone wants to chat and maybe make a longterm friend that wont judge.. Cant judge then just add me and send me a message x
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Hey sweetie, feel your pain. Have you seen a doctor? Not having your period for 2 years probably means there's an underlying medical condition..... And there are meds etc you might be able to take to lessen the hair.

Unfortunately mine is idiopathic so there's no specific reason for it - and meds won't work. I've done laser treatment on my face, neck and breasts (if you live near a big city, try groupon and living social etc because they frequently have deals for that) and also bought a silknepil handheld machine for my legs because I would never wear shorts or dresses... For years!

For ingrowns, "tend skin" lotion works great.... But before laser I would pluck. You can also bleach or use nair....

Hang in there. You are not alone. I used to think I was, too....and people are kinder than you might think about this if you open up. And if they aren't, then they aren't people who deserve your energy anyway...