I Wish Doctors Took Me Seriously About My Hirsutism

In my 20s, when my hirsutism really began to accelerate, I asked every doctor I could for help.  No one took me seriously.  I had doctors respond to my pleas for help in various ways:  "Who's gonna pay for the lab tests?...  "It's not a big deal....some men find it sexy."...."As long as it's not cancer."...."At least it's blonde" (which it's not blonde)  Now I am almost 40 and I'm sick of being teased, felt sorry for, and mistaken for a man.  Also, now, my hormones are SOO screwed up that I basically have a non-stop period.  Irregular bleeding they call it.  I still can't find a gyno that will help me who is also covered by my insurance.  If I were pregnant, I could get state aid.  But I don't wanna be pregnant.  Don't think I can get pregnant with my hormones this messed up.  I'm sick of bleeding, I'm sick of zits, I'm sick of facial, boob, and belly hair.  I keep waiting for whatever other form of ugly is next.  Has anybody out there had sucess with any birth control treatment without the crazy side effects of weight gain?

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hi you are brave for posting.
First off, don't give up.
Secondly, have you thought of altering your diet? I 've heard that a low carbohydrate diet is suppose to help with insulin levels and inadvertently, hair too.
I'm on a low carb diet and i don't know if its helping things, but losing weight is generally good for your body.
Also, if you want to remove the hair but not shave, try a hair removal spring ''rem spring''
the spring is nice because it takes the hair out of the root
Hope this helps

I was on a medication many years ago that did work for me. I actually lost weight when I was on it, not because it makes it easier to lose but because my confidence increased. I believe it makes it harder to lose weight normally. It's called spironolactone (or aldactone). This didn't remove all the hair, it decreased it to within 'normal' levels.<br />
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Be warned that this has other very nasty side effects. It makes you lose your libido. It became very difficult to 'finish' under any circumstances, which was very strenuous on relationships. Most importantly, if you ever take this getting OFF the medication will cause the hirsutism to come back many times worse. And if you ever decide to have children you will need to stop taking it.<br />
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It has always been covered under my insurance, but even if it weren't it costs about 40$ a month.

Hi, I'm 31 and having the same problem. I've had this problem since I hit puberty, I could cope if it was just in places that can be hidden but the facial hair is just worse n worse. It's gotten to the point now that even if I wax I have to shave straight after to have a chance at removing it all and then it's just as bad the day after. I've been under the hospital for it for a while now, male consultant which doesn't help cos he cannot begin to understand what it feels like. He's tried me with various pill, creams etc and finally as a last resort and a breakdown on my part he said that he would apply for funding from the Health Authority for laser treatment, within 3 days I had a letter telling me this had been declined due to NHS cutbacks and so the general gist of it all now is, basically just put up with it cos there's nothing else they can do. I've never had a relationship because of this, I cannot bare the thought of someone getting intimate and feeling the stubble and then possibly waking up at the side of me and my beard, moustache etc. It's even affecting my social life to the point that I don't go out anymore and there's only 1 other person I trust to know about my problem. I've written a letter to the Health Authority pleading with them, explaining how I feel, how it's affecting all aspects of my life and that if the only answer is I've just got to live with it and be lonely for the rest of my life then I don't see a point to continuing with it, I may as well not be here as I can't cope with the daily trauma I put my face through, the looks I get from other people and the constant hate I have for myself for being this way. I've contemplated asking for a sex change then at least it wouldn't look out of place but know deep down that it's not the answer and I don't think it would make me happy. After contemplating this though it did make me think of another possibility that they haven't tried or suggested which I'm going to bring up at my next appointment, not sure if you or anyone else has ever asked about this too - when men have sex change operations they must be given something to stop their facial hair from growing so that they look more feminine, so if there's such a treatment for them why can't they give it to people like us??<br />
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Sorry for the rant, I've only found this site today, my friend found it for me and suggested I take a look as I've had another unsuccessful appointment today and the woman doctor I saw was almost in tears with me that she couldnt' suggest anything further to what I've already tried and didn't like to tell me that there wasn't anything else she could try. I was kind of ok while I still had hope and investigations were ongoing but to be told there's nothing else, the hope has gone and depression has set in big time. I have written to the Health Authority though like I say and going to complain to a few more people and if I can get any answers or anything that might be helpful I will post for everyone :) xx

I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. Don't give up though. I found a man and even after telling him about my problem, he still wanted to marry me.

I feel the same as you. I totally agree with you when you say about guys when they have a sex change they don't get facial hair. It's really annoys me that they found a way to stop men getting dial hair but not woman?
Im so glad I found this site, I honestly though I was alone in this!
X x x

I have the exact same story with the doctors back home, in and out, constant blood tests, different pills after different pills ehich is just time wasting busy work. basically all they need to say is, 'we're gunna refere you too a laser treatment place' sorted. The doctors don't take it seriously at all and it makes me sick, they have no idea the emotional stress it puts you threw on a daily basis, all the creams n pills in the world won't hide it, get rid of it, it just slows it.