As you may know by my other stories, i can be violent at times. I'm aggressive by nature. Anyway. I'll tell my story so nobody thinks i'm a complete psycho - even though it probably won't change that fact.

So me and my friend were out in a club just doing what we do best - dancing, having a good time. The dance floor was packed, and i kept getting nudged but passed it off as an accident as it was so crowded. But the nudging continued and i could tell it was definitely intentional. So i turned around, and said to these two guys behind me "What the **** is the problem???" They pretended they didn't know what was going on, so we turned around and continued dancing. Next thing i felt an even bigger nudge - not even a nudge. My friend told me it was the girl. I turned around and those two guys apparently had two fat girlfriends. So i said the same to her "Is there a problem? Keep your ******* hands off me :)" So the girl got on her high horse (maybe she thought we were flirting with her boyfriend when we turned to him previously - which we were definitely not - they were gross ha) So she screamed "NOTHING *****!!!!" and gave me a hard shove to the shoulders almost knocking me over.
It was then actually natural impulse and before i knew it my fist was meeting her face.

It didn't get much worse than that because the bouncers were quick to pull us apart. Lucky for me i'm friends with all the security guards ;)

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Hahaha! Wow! That is waaaaay outta line. Good work for putting a stop to it like that ;) What a wimp. Ha.

Horray for alcohol, i woulda smacked the **** outta him....what a absolute ******...he was beyond asking for it. It seems he was seeing how far he could push you till you snapped. Your friends are silly for not knowing you probably had good reason to be pounding on the jackass. <br />
<br />
Some people are beyond unbelievable...reminds me of this male hairdresser who was feeling up my breast as he was measuring my hair length...i stood up, hair soaking, got real close..and stared him straight in the eye and said 'Listen f2cker, i don't no what on earth you think your doing but if you so much as touch anything besides my hair again i will personally see to it that you are in no fit shape to leave this salon and make it home, with both legs i understood' he apologized profusely and kept it professional from there on out lolol the arse.. MEN.

I know....<BR>And then the only other time (i think) i've hit someone, was a few weeks ago at my local pub.<BR>This guy seriously kept touching my ***, i told him to **** off - but he thought it was funny - thought it was a game i guess. I moved away so he would leave me the **** alone but he kept following me - and i kept warning him.<BR>Then i went inside to see my friend and he followed me again - i was talking to my friend, and then when i went to leave again, he put his feet across so i couldn't get through - i could feel the rage building inside of me. <BR>I asked him to move several times - then he took his legs away and i proceeded to walk through - then he tried to trip me.<BR>I absolutely lost it.<BR>I started hitting him like crazy - and my own friends - who didn't see any of it or any of the commotion outside beforehand were like what are you doing you crazy *****! i couldn't believe it. I was the baddy! No way.<BR>To make things worse - after the security guards pulled me away and i walked outside again - he ran after me and smacked my *** on the way out. I was absolutely furious.<BR>I will admit to resorting to violence when i am really angry - but i did warn this guy - and he didn't listen - so he got what was coming to him as a last resort.<BR>I also think a bit of alcohol in me gives me a bit of fuel to fight ;

The fat cow had it coming...i woulda punched her too...the only unusual part to your story is that GUYS were nudging you about while you were dancing...why would they do that to a couple of girls...punks...but yeah i don't think your a psycho, i think people who DON'T stand up for themselves are the psycho's... Hope it was a mean hook. ; )

Sounds like she had it coming. Good thing for you the bouncers came... her dudes might have made things really ugly for you.

Ha...........what do you mean?

One comment I should not have read!