Ella, In 9 Yellow

She was standing behind me when I was handing out their work. I didn't know and turned round to point at the whiteboard. I smacked her right across the nose with my rings.


Poor kid had a nose bleed and a black eye but I managed to get away with it....... it was an accident, I have never hit any of my pupils on purpose, but if they stand behind me then who knows what Im going to hit

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12 Responses Dec 18, 2008

laugh out loud

Talk about "just another brick in the wall"!!! EEEEK!

Don't worry about it. I'm a guy and I have Hit a lot of guys. And there was no "I'm going to tell my mommy". It was more like, how long will I be in the hospital.

I love the bloody nose and black eye. That's pretty bad for wanting to point.

Yeah.. I'm probably not that good looking..lol

Wow... so she didn't sue you or the school, eh? Lucky!!!!

Exactly..!! Now you do mouth to mouth too by any chance?

I'd get a papercut everyday just to get treated by you.. lol

Ugh.. paper cuts give me the chills..

Lucky you. i never seem so lucky. I fell and chiped a bone in my wrist at work on friday and just for that. I had piles of paper work.lol x

Even more paper work when there is so my health and safety paperwork. lol x

Haha flutterbly.. good advice!