Only Once...crap, Make That Twice

Even though I was a fiesty piece of work growing up, for the most part I made sure that I never hit girls. However, there were two exceptions.

The first, was when I caught a girl picking on my younger brother on the playground. I walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and punched her in the gut when she turned around...being that she couldn't take a punch, that was all it took. And, as she was on the floor, I told her in explicit terms what would happen if she messed with him again. (Really, the only one allowed to mess with my brother is me...duh.)

The second, was when a girl slapped me on the bus...actually, she "lightly tapped" my cheek. So, I slapped her back...not only harder, but more than once. (Her teeth cut her cheek...haaa) Simply put, I returned the gesture with interest. For some reason, she stopped riding the bus after that...go figure. =P

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4 Responses Dec 18, 2008

I'm glad you chuckled wiseowl...that was the intent of the story. Well, that and sharing a couple childhood misadventures. ;D<br />
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Also, your brother sounds like a pretty cool guy! LOL =P

I had to chuckle at this Vini girl.I was 14 when I got into a fight.I was home, minding my own business.My brother came in to announce a girl was waiting for me and wanted to kick my a**. My brother did some boxing.Michael told me she was waiting with some kids to watch the big event. Before we left, he showed me two ways to throw a punch. Ok..Off I went. It was weird. Miss smartie clown stepped in my space. I threw the famous punch and she folded. End of story. The saying, " mess with the bull and you get the horns".

Hmmm. Being a woman myself and having had certain experiences, I understand where you're coming from...more than you could possibly imagine.

I'm sorry but they should never be a instance why you hit a girl or a woman. Unless she is attacking you but if she is just playing or something then you shouldn't hit her. I have had two husbands and both of them have been told by me that if they ever hit me that I would kill them myself. So just be careful when and for why you hit women because they may be the type to get revenge and hit you back. I understand in the first situation you were protecting your brother but you could have just talked to her instead of hitting her. I hope I haven't made you mad, but that's the way I feel on the situation. Have a great day?