I Put a Girl In Hospital

So im a bit of a psycho, well not really i just dont take crap from anyone... Anyways it was about a year ago now but i was playing Rugby League for a mixed grade about three grades higher than what most people my age would play. So we were vs'ing these massive 6ft Islander team over in Samoa and this girl about double my weight was giving me crap about being the smallest and youngest and not standing a chance against any of them, so if we lost it would be more my fault than anyone elses... Well the whistle blew and we were off, she woulda been offside if she hadnt left. And then---WE WON!!! She got all uptight and said that i cheated and pushed me. I got up, rather ****** off and tackled her so hard that she fell backwards and smacked her head. She then tried to hit me but i dodged her(thankfully) and punched her, giving her a black eye. Then it was really weird but i managed to climb on her back and swung off her round hger neck, when she chucked me off i somehow cracked her jaw in 4 places with my foot..... Twas an interesting day....

Hakera Hakera
2 Responses Dec 19, 2008

Yeah I probably would have done that too. Ha ha ha ha you broke her jaw. Thats what she gets.

That's funny.