With The Kids Around, Oh Gosh!

I love my husband to death but he gets on my nerves. One time he was going on and on and I lost it! Totally lost it. I slapped him across the face. In front of the kids!!! They and him were shocked!!!!!! After that he shut up (YAY! lol) When we put the kids to bed I tucked my older one Alison in. "Mom, are you gonna divorce Daddy. " "No, baby." "Cuz I slapped my sister's face" "well, hon, turn over." I say. She does I pull her pjpants down and spank her with her slipper. I then rub her butt. "gonna pay the price, then" Then I go in. "Listen, Taylor, I am sorry but you are gonna pay the price." My husband says. "Get across my lap, then." "a spanking?!?!?" "Yes." he pulls me across his lap and I thourogly enjoyed his hand slapping my bare bootie and the him rubbing it and soothing me who was ccrying over my red butt.
taylorelisemcrome taylorelisemcrome
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

If I did that to my girlfriend I be in jail getting my *** kick.