I Do It...

Only when I am hurting like really, really bad. 

BamaBabe87 BamaBabe87
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

What a pratt! Think I'll hit you instead, got bundles of energy for hittin insensitive bastards. Lol

I do too...well, not for a while now but used to punch myself on the forehead when I was reeeeeeaaaaally angry and didn't know how to express it. It happens when I get to a place where I am just overloaded emotionally and STILL thinking **** when Ireally need to cry and can't because I can't stop panicking about a whole heap of things, desperately wanting my brain to SHUT UP so I can start loving and feeling my life! It's heartbreaking that we inflict more pain on ourselves when we already hurt so much. I am starting to forgive myself now and you should consider forgiving yourself too! It's not so bad. Everyone's doing something crazy to cope with the insanity we're all surrounded by!! But remember, that is YOU you are hitting. And nobody really hates themselves. You have enormous love for yourself, you just hate the way you feel. Give yourself a break, and if you still hit yourself, understand why! And sympathise. Lots of love to you xxx