I'M Not Proud Of What I Did

My friend and I were arguing and she said something (for the life of me I can't remember what it was) and I got really, really pissed off at her. And just like in the movies I saw red and I hit her right in the nose. At the time I was furious and I was about to hit her again but my other friend held me back. Now I'm really sorry, she wouldn't let me apologize though, she said that she shouldn't have said what she did and that it was her fault (I apologized 10,000,000 times anyway). I don't know why I did it but whenever I get upset I turn into a beast. And I'm ashamed
JinxSilver JinxSilver
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What was it about

The arguement was about one of my other friends, she didn't want her around but I did

I know how u feel, I have to have two different Birthday prates because of that

That sucks

*sigh yep

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