It May Be Over For Us

This country faces a Constitutional crisis like never before. We have traitors among our supposed leaders who seek to destroy the Constitution of this country and deprive the people of their rights. They have already abrogated the Fourth Amendment you are no longer safe from unreasonable searches or seizures and they can bug your phone and listen in on anything you do without any kind of warrant at all. They can read all your email and nothing you say or do is private. You can thank your Congress for that. The head Communist has signed executive orders giving him the right to seize everything that you have such as food and water or any material goods and he also has the right to make you work for the government as a forced laborer thanks to his little plans. They are conspiring to destroy the Second Amendment because they don't want any opposition when they force socialism onto this country in place of the freedom that used to belong to us. Our country is under attck by traitors from within and I'm not sure it will survive due to the lack of guts by the population who seem to want to line up to surrender their guns and then get in that other line to be shot in the head.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 8, 2013