Hitchhiking Sex At 17

ON my way back from Montreal, two guys in their 30's stop and pick me up . I am 17, fairly new to this, but horny and curious and definitely ok with risks... My shoulder length blond hair swirling in the wind, the guys don't know if I am a girl or a boy ( they said that in parting ) ..the fact is I don't look my 17 years...more like 14.

The conversation goes to sex of course and they are giving me beers so I will have to pee...when we stop they take turns checking out my little **** and really like what they see. The crew cut guy seems most interested and invites me to lie in back of the EL Dorado with him. I am shy and decline. More beer, another pee break in a wooded area and he stands close.....then on his knees watching me. 'You like it ?' I ask. ' I can give you more pleasure than you have known' he answers. Beer buzz and horny after 8 weeks canoeing in the wilderness...I say, 'Really ? '

My underpants and jeans are at my ankles in a flash and he has my **** in his fingertips... He knows boys and likes boys...he rubs me and licks me and tongues my balls. My blond pubes prove to him I am a natural blond, he says. Soon we are lying naked on the ground on top of our pile of clothes, me on my stomach and him on top of me rubbing his **** up and down my crack..... He licks his hand and slips it under me to tickle my **** as he humps my buns...up and down I can feel his hard **** rubbing between my buns. It feels so good..he really is so excited and HOT to be naked with me..I am flattered and feeling goooood ! Next he moves down to my butthole and sllips a wet finger in, just at the opening...and then something i had never felt...his TONGUE ! in my butthole..Oh God that felt goooood...I spread my legs wider and arch my back to give him unlimited access to my hole.... He eats my little boy ***** for a minute and tickels my **** with his fnugertips...I am ******* HOT moaning and thrusting involuntarily.... The rest area bathroom is not too far as I can hear voices but I don't care, besides they really can't see thru the leaves ...it feels so good my body...my ****....my butthole ... everything. I *** all over his hand with his tongue deep in my butthole.... ahhhhh. We get up and get dressed quickly and get back to the car where his friend is waiting......
I travel with them a couple more hours drive before splitting ways, the other guy got his chance to play with my **** after he asked me to drive...lucky I didn't crash with him all over my hard little **** while I was behind the wheel.... !!....I get out when they pick up another hitchhiker wearing red little undies just barely sticking out from his jeans, and we wink at each other as we part.

It took a long time before a car stopped again on my new highway. This time it is an older guy...a salesman it turns out.  He starts telling me about his ****** marriage, about how alone he feels on the road and at home.  He sounds depressed and I feel al little sorry for him.  He then offers to buy me dinner at the next stop, and get a room for the night... " We could share a bed " he says.  I get it now.....  He wants to fool around with the young blond boy in his car, me !
I figure to be nice....  " OK sure..."   When we get to the room, he says I should shower first. I left the door open and he watched for a while, especially when I was soaping up.....   When I get back to the room, the bed is bare, just the white bottom sheet. " Lie down " he says.  " I want you to use the whole bed, spread your arms and legs..."   As I lay there he fits my wrists thru rope loops at each corner he had just tied to the leg of the bed, then my ankles. I am  nude spread-eagle on the bed and I am feeling horny! I start humping the bed, thrusting into it as my **** get harder and harder.  That's when he changed from a depressed sort of pathetic salesman ...to a demented demon !    Easy to joke now, but then I was scared!  He had me.  And he used me for his torture/punishment fantasies....Nothing life-threatening, but man was I surprised !  He started with a leather belt across my ***....whipping me til there were welts!   He kept asking me if I was OK then let me have it with another lashing of his belt.   I was biting one of the pillows at the end to keep quiet from the pain.  Finally he offered me a chance for a break..of sorts.  He says I can change ends of the bed and loosen up my wrists if I want...If I feel like sucking his ****....  "OK"    On my knees on the bed. facing the end - though my ankles are still tied to each other, I take his **** in my mouth .  From over my head he sends the belt down and smacks my ***...then again and again, and then he whips me again and catches my balls !  AHHHH GODD  that hurt....  'Suck it boy' he answers..  So I suck harder and use my hands to massage his balls and shaft, tho I wanted to squeeze the hell out of them instead cuz that **** HURT !....  He whips my *** some more as I suck his **** with feeling !  I was an eager ********** man, to avoid any more leather on my  balls !   He pumps his **** into my mouth whispering , " You are a good boy, thats a good boy..."  I was happy he was happy...I was sure he was gunna *** in my mouth but he held it back. 

He took a break and left me lying there face down on the bed. I could feel my *** swelling up...welts....hot in the cool late summer breeze coming in the window. I looked out and saw the parking lot imagining what it looked like if someone passed by and looked in......He saw me and closed the curtains...slowly he slipped my wrists back into the ropes and then slipped his slippery fingers in my ***....  I was still pretty hot down there from the tongue lashing that first guy had given me...but this guy was a little whacko...not sure what was coming next !.  So my butthole is loose now....one finger, 2. then 3, maybe 4 go in !   "  **** that *****" he says over and over.   "  " Yeah,  **** that *****" ....I join him saying " Yes yes yes",  and he ignites..  " You little *****...you little ****...NOW"  and he jumps on me and drives his **** into my ***...deep and hard.....  I am in shock...my butthole tightens up and sends PAIN zipping thru my body...... wheeeeeeewwww I exhale trying to to relax cuz I know that would be better.....  He is out..then in me again...slowly then out....I am catching on now with the whole thing... me, a young blond boy tied to a bed getting ****** in the ***....." Yeah !  I like it...yeah...ohhhh **** me in the *** " I say.  He is getting worked up now that I am with him...."Yes,  Im ina **** you, **** your little ***....."  And its true, I was actually pretty small for my age...17 going on 14...lol    But I was relaxed now and into it... I was ******* HIM with my ***......bucking under his thrusts and sending some back to  HIM...   The old depressed dud turned out to be quite the sexy stud dude in the end...in MY end....   he ****** me for a while longer before I asked to get up to shower as he watched again...and then I went to sleeep....   I slept well cuz... what else could he do to me !  haha   Already done! So no more danger....   I woke up in the morning to his touch....massaging my back and shoulders and my buns..caressing them, kneeding them, even nibbling gently on them...  I rode with him to the state border where I was picked up and driven home by the cops!, but that is another story ( non sexual !)  It was a memorable hitch home for sure.....
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Whenever I hitchhiked, I ALWAYS gave the guy or guys blow jobs. I could care less what age they were. My mouth has no conscience. I lovesucking cckand eating all that wonderful Warm, Creamy ***

Mmmmm sounds like you had a great trip and gained a good education that summer.