Saving Lifes

Well am a biochemistry in a universty,I got dis virus wen I went for my routine test. Normally I do Hiv twices in a year so early dat year I did my routine test nd I was fine,but later during d year (2010) I was feeling sick nd I run tests nd I told them to include Hiv test nd it came out (postive). I felt like killing myself cos search nd searchh myself where do I get it from,later I realise from patient or sharp object maybe use by an infected person. But lost my boyfriend through dat cos I told him the true. Am living with it but trust me is not easy. My parent are not aware cos I know what pains it will cause them and is even best for me but I told my bestfriend and my one of my aunt. Am lonely but with God by myside,he strengthen me. But the funnest part is with the way I was infected, I still save people lifes,is my job and I love putting smile on people face. That's my story,thanks.
lolly62 lolly62
Dec 1, 2012