I Never Forget...

I hold grudges forever and never forget.

My boyfriend cheated on me about a year ago with a girl that he knew from middle school. He and she saw each other again at my senior school dance. And they exchanged phone numbers. But I didn't know they were more than that.

I went to Vermont one weekend and he told me he was going on a date with this girl. I absolutely hate her! Completely and fully hatred galore. And I'm usually not like that. I usually give people a chance. But with her, as soon as I met her; I knew there was something wrong.

I hated that she flirted with my boyfriend the whole night and he didn't reallu even care that they were hurting me. I wanted to kill her. I felt so hurt. She knew! She knew I was with him and she knew it would bother me.

So, he cheated on me with her. And then they just stopped talking. Completely for a while. I think it might've been because she sensed my hatred and that I would tear her face off if she continued. during the summer though my boyfriend and I went to a party and she was there. And she flirted yet again. But this time I didn't hold back too much. And now she started talking to him again. And I want to kill her just as much. I hold grudges against people who hurt me. And one day, and I told my boyfriend this. The next time I see her, I'll make sure there isn't any reason for another guy to fall for her, because she will be so messed up looking.

thanks for reading...I just needed to vent...

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3 Responses Dec 26, 2009

Dump Him you idiot

why is it that you were mad at her and not him? it takes two and although she didnt respect you, she didnt owe you anything. your bf on the other hand owes you loyalty and he could even do that. drop him if you havent already

Forget both of them and move on.