I Do

I hold a grudge forever too" With something that happened when i was a kid or at school or growing up-i am still angry about. Some things i am more angrier than other things but a constant grudge. Some grudges make me clench my jaw and keep it clamped shut. Or the silent treatment where i will answer a question if i am asked one but will not offer up any more information other than the bare minimum of the question.

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4 Responses Dec 27, 2009

Me too!!!!

I have always had a hard time myself with grudges although I know that they hurt me more than the other person so I try to forgive or to let it go for myself more than anything else.I've gotten much better with it over the years and I'm still working on it.I guess it will always be a lifetime thing.

Totally true!!!!

I am exactly this way. It's hard to let go of something unless you're totally satisfied with the apology, and if someone doesn't apoligize, then forget about it! I will stay angry about that forever!