I think some things should be kept private. Don't be thinking I wanna join those ****** up groups though!   

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Ohhhhhhhh no hahahahahahahahaha

True! hahaha that question made me laugh.. I dare you to ask that!! XD

LOL and let's not forget the questions section too, especially the sexual ones! I'm just waiting for THE big question: "Does your man have a wiener or a hot dog?" It's just ridiculous! lol

hahahahaha oh man! lol

Ahhhhhhh I gotcha. Yeah there are others that may not be as f-d up but still would be better private. *coughs* Ahem...I could be guilty of that, with my (I think I created it) about morning woods lol.

Those are sort of ****** up ones I mean! There's many, many more aswel! :S

I think I know what groups you're talking about. Like groups such as "I like to pee on myself"! I mean...what's up with that!?

Don't worry, I didn't think nasty or devastating.

Just realized that my comment didn't come out the way I wanted it too.. sure glad you know what I mean anyway!<br />
<br />
There are things I really don't want to hear and there are things I know I don't want people to know about me :) Nothing nasty, nothing devastating, just things that are private, like you said.

hahaha I hear ya!

Hear, hear.<br />
<br />
This place is for sharing but there are a lot of time I wish people wouldn't share some things. Eek.