Shunned For Dealing With Darkness

I just wrote this as a comment to someone:

"Yeah I was just thinking the same thing - we cannot write what we really think even though we might be joking others may take it way too seriously ending up in personal attacks etc... But hey at least there are some that catch our light hearted attitude... Maybe our humor is too deep and dark for some... When we see the dark as humorous trying to make a joke of it; there are others who run away with a thing in fear of it and then starts pointing fingers!"

In other words: we deal with the darkness; others do not.

It is because we do not fear it that we joke about it to deal with it.

This is how we bring it to the surface to resolve it.

Those that cannot joke with us are really in fear of even bringing it up; they cannot handle it; they refuse to deal with it.

For them we are like morticians... Dealing with the dead and all sorts of dark forbidden things.

We are like a deadly plague to them they fear to catch.

When they see us they are like those zipped up scientists in their full body suits in fear of contracting a disease.

They do not want to breathe the same air we breathe - they do not really want to understand us.

It is like a scientist who cannot ever really understand a virus until he got it himself; and yet they think they can size us all up in neatly confined compartments.


Okay whatever... They are weirder than the weird because they fear it and treat it like some terminal disease they fear to catch.

In plain english: cowards fearing to get their hands all dirty; refusing to do the whole taking off the gloves to really feel the specimen!!!!
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Absolutely! I have no shame on my experience with the "dark" side of spirit matters. It has given me insight to help others and to get rid of dark forces myself if need be. I know my enemies weaknesses because I have the experience. There is no better way for one to gain insight that to have these lessons in real life, and it never hurts to folow up with some research reading and watching reality shows to see the latest and how others deal and view the dark side. It doesnt matter to me how much someone proclaims to not have a dark part of their personality, if they dig a bit deeper they will find it there. I do however believe we need to clean out the dark corners of our minds. Thanks! Kim