The Human Family

Being alone is such a difficult issue sometimes. We all may have acquaintances or friends but they can't be with us all the time, and some of us don't have close family, or people with whom we can share our intimate selves and thoughts. What a struggle it can be, to feel your heart constrict, and feel so far apart from all that should be in our lives.

But I had the most wonderful thought the other night. I was watching television and I saw a real estate ad about a house, that was being advertised as more than a house....and it showed the family that lived inside it, and vignettes of all their holidays together, and all their special times. The ad truly encapsulated all that it meant to be a family.

I took that thought further in my imagination, and I said to myself....that is going on all around me!! All these homes....all these families...all the good times, and all the love that I was further than a few walls away from me. And somehow, knowing that, I was able to visualize myself a part of it all. Somehow, in my imagination, my heart opened up...unclenched, and I was able to visualize myself partaking of the human feast going on all around me...and I felt....encompassed....filled with love.

In that way, I could hold all of the human family close to my heart, even though my physical body is apart.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

There are three people. In my life that I can tell absolutely anything to and talk about absolutely anything with. If I didn't have them, I think I would go bonkers. Sometimes I like being alone. But, because of them, I am never "really" alone. I hope you find someone you can be at least that intimate with.

Great story

Thank you...I guess EP....and you....are a part of my family, too, in a way, aren't you?

Very much so

HUGS Kathie!!!!

BLESS YOUR HEART! That was super-dooper! So favorite kind of story. If we weren't " world's apart " you could come for dinner tonight.... Oxo