I Change My Actitude But Still...

Well, i used to be depressed and everybody who came near to me make me angry, Why? well because i just want to be alone but they try to make me in, most only to mock me, few to make me change, then for those who mocked me, i hold an immense grudge.

now i'm more social, few want to mock me, but when some fool try to mock me, i don't do anything like a fisical agression but when they ask for help, i deny the help´and even try to cause them troubles and they'll not have me as an enemy if they don't try to mock me in the first place, i mean... i didn't do anything to them, what's worst, they don't even have the guts to tell me that they hate me and they want to settle that matter, even if i don't like to fight, if thats the way they believe things can be settle then go ahead i'll fight or if they just hate me, Why they don't ignore me... at least that is what i'll do but no they need to try to see if they can make me angry, such a pathetic behavior only shows that they are cowards they should give the reason why they hate me and not stupid things like:

"i don't like the expression on your face" or "i don't like that the girls trust you" or "you don't do sports? you have to be gay"

that kind of pathetic things make me hold grudges but also make me wonder: should i be more tolerant?

hope you can answer me.
lost54 lost54
18-21, M
Dec 12, 2012