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I Watched My Friend Pee Herself In A Diaper

My friend and I went to a party.  It was saturday night, and we were hanging out talking and having a blast.  We were sipping our sodas, just laughing, it was great!  We drank a lot, and I knew my friend has a VERY weak bladder, so I asked her if she needed to pee throughout the evening, saying i would go with her if she did, each time she said no.  We continues hanging out with our friends and laughing and just loving life!  Just so you know, we're young teens and we werent doing anything bad like drinking, just soda water and punch.
       When I asked my friend if she needed to pee a fourth time, she said yes.  I said alright, lets hurry and run to the bathroom, I know you.  I saw her start running faster, so I did too.  We reached the bathrooms, realizing something horrible.  There was a very very very  LOONG line for the bathroom, lots of desperate to go girls and boys, and there was only one of the bathrooms in the house.  My friend said "Talia I have to go really bad."  i said "I know, i dont know what to do, lets ask the host."  we ran downstairs, my friend Allie putting her two fingers on her crotch a few times while running fast.  We reached the host and told her our situation.  She told us "Im so sorry Allie, I know you have a weak bladder.  There is nothing I can do, sorry." 
My friend Allie and I walked upstairs and into a bedroom wear we could talk in private and quiet.  "What am I going to do if I pee myself!? There are cute boys here Talia!!!!!! I WILL NEVER GET A BOYFRIEND!"  I said to her "Lets get some of Ariels clothes, your the same size.  If you pee in yours, you can wear some of hers."  She agreed, and then she said "look!  Diapers!!!  Adult diapers!"  My eyes got very wide.  "Oh, I guess you can put one on.  Hurry."  She started putting one on.  She pulled her pants over it and started holding herself.  "Why are you holding yourself, just pee."  She said she was going to hold it.  I didn't know why at the time, (she has a pee holding fetish)  so I just said Okay.
    Allie and I walked downstairs.  We sat on the couch talking to a few girls, Allie had her legs crossed and was shifting often.  The host came up to her and pulled us aside. "The line for the bathroom is shorter, talia you should take Allie up."  I said thanks, and when she walked away told Allie to follow me.  She did, and took me into that room again.  "I kind of want to pee in the diaper."  I said "what!?  Ew."  she said "well, i just want to know what it will feel like, please dont tell anyone i said that, I wont do it.  Sorry I mentioned it."  I shook my head and sighed in relief.  I started walking out of the room, when I saw her get up and grab herself and then sit back on the bed.  "You alright Al?"  She said "yes" and followed me downstairs.  I was walking around talking to people for about 10 minutes, when I couldnt find Allie.  I knew where she had went.  Up into the bedroom, to wet her diaper.  I snuck upstairs and opened the door a crack.  i saw Allie in there doing a MAJOR pee dance.  Holding her crotch, bending over, all of that.  I watched. She then relaxed, I saw the diaper filling up, and allie just stood there.  She looked down at the diaper and smiled a little bit.  i was soo grossed out (at the time)!  She then started to walk out of the room, I couldnt believe she didnt change.  I ran downstairs. 
     At 2:00 PM, most everyone left.  Allie and I decided to walk home.  We didn't live too far.  When we got home, my parents were still out shopping.  I told Allie I knew her secret.  she said "Omg.  really?  Im sorry i did that but i really had to go and it felt sooooo good."  I then got the urge to do the same, because I too had to go to the bathroom badly by that time.  I said "Oh, well, I kinda, wanna try it."  We ran to the nearby store, (allie still in a soacked diaper.) and I bought a pack.  We ran home, and I put it on.  she said "pee, just do it."  I squirt in it, realizing i didnt like it one bit.  I changed.  Then, I got an idea.  I dared Allie not to change her diaper for the rest of the day. She hesitated, and then agreed.  We drank a few bottles of water.  Allie then said "I gotta pee, can I please change?"  I said "ha!  NO!"  and she said, "but the diaper is full, if I pee in it I will soak myself."  I said nope. 
I went into the kitchen secretly watching Allie.  She had her legs crossed, and put her hands in her crotch.  then all of a sudden, she jumped up and leaned over holding her self tightly.  I watched.  she leaned up, and  removed her hands, looking down at her crotch.  I saw a small wetspot.  She all of sudden shoved her hands into her crotch again.  I wondered why she didnt just go change and not listen to me.  She then jumped up and down.  I saw her face get red and she bent over and squeezed herself and crossed her legs so tightly. She then screamed "Talia I am peeing my pants!!!!"  I didnt answer and kept looking.  I then saw pee dripping from her hands.  she peed all over herself.  I walked in. "Im so sorry, Allie, im sooooo sorry!  Go change, i have clothes for you to wear."  She walked upstairs, and I cleaned up the pee off the floor.

This day was the best day ever, and I now LOVE watching her get desperate, and I enjoy getting desperate now too.
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