I Had To Hold My Pee

When I was a nurse working in the ER, a patient kept ripping her IV out. She was in bad shape and needed the IV so the doctor told me to stay with her and make sure she didn't pull out the IV. At the time I already had to pee real bad but I had to hold it.

An hour and a half later I was still in the room with my legs crossed and getting more desperate by the minute. It sounded like the ER had got real busy I could hear people running around and shouting for help here and there. I stuck my head out the door and told the first nurse that went by I needed a relief as soon as possible because I had to pee. She said wait, I'll ask in reception. I waited another hour and things were getting so desperate I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the restroom even if I left that second. I looked around the room, the only thing that would even help was a metal bed pan. I kept thinking about that bedpan which made it worse, so bad a little leaked out. I took the bed pan and shuffled behind the patients bed, I was afraid to bend over to put the bedpan on the floor so I let it drop. It made a loud noise and the patient moved and made a sound. I kicked the bedpan into position and put my hands inside the waist band of both my pants and panties. I eased them down as far as I could reach, I could hardly hold it at this point and a little more leaked out. I bared down as hard as I could, pulled down my pants and squatted in one quick motion. I was hardly down when my pee start flowing with such force it was splashing out of the bedpan. It was making a loud noise as it hit the metal bedpan but there was no helping it. I couldn't stop peeing and couldn't even slow it down. After a long time, it slowed to a trickle then stopped. I almost fell over i was so relieved. I started standing up and pulling my clothes up at the same time. Then I looked at the door, there was 2 nurses and a doctor looking in and giggling. I didn't care, the relief I felt was worth any amount of embarrassment.
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That was one story all right. I worked in a hospital as a security officer. I noticed in my time there nurses have one heck of a time getting relieved. And I have seen nurses that suppose to go in to relieve the other person just not do it because they didnt like you. I dont blame you I would have done exactly like you did if I could have thought of that. It would have been something like that or I would have just peed my pants. It is not worth holding it in and being miserable. And you get to a point where it will just flow out on its own. I admire you for doing it. Screw the embarresment ! When you gotta go you gotta go!!!

Andrea u are a brave girl .. nice to read u'r story .. u did very right .

Most of this story is true, I did stretch the truth a little to spice it up. The part about peeing in the metal bedpan out of desperation is true. As someone else said, peeing that metal bedpan made one hell of a noise. They probably heard it all the way out to the reception desk. Stopping was not an option once I started.

Great! You shoulda said "OK, your turn! But you'll have to empty it first!" hehe! ;-P

Oh I loved this! Can only imagine how desperate you must have been to resort to such desperate measures x

I can just imagine the sound of a woman with an over filled bladder ******* in a metal bedpan from a squatting position. <br />
<br />
You could probably hear it across the street.

great story, Andrea! *smile*