It's Nice, But Not Necessary!

I do hold the door open for others, when entering a place. It's no big deal to me. Sometimes people thank me, sometime not. I never expect it, either way. I held the door open for them, because I felt like it. :-)

So, I am surprised when I get an thank-you. And one woman shocked me. My mother and I were heading into a take-out place to grab lunch, when the woman was leaving. I stopped and held the door open for her. She broke out in a bunch of "God bless you!" for me and my whole family! That was a shock! I just held open a door, no big deal! XD

And then she made a mistake and hit me with one of her bags! I had to assure her I was okay, she felt so bad, bowing and saying sorry and still thanking me like crazy! My thought was... "WOW.... you would think I was some kind of celebrity!" ROTFL! 

It's no big deal! Just me being polite. :-)

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

It's nice of u to do that.

I can't believe people's SO annoying and totally rude. Ahhh....humans these days. :p

I always hold the door open...I was taught this in girl scouts and I think it's just good manners. I don't care if people thank doesn't really matter.<br />
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But what bothers me is when you hold the door open and people start to treat you like a doorman...they just keep walking through...they don't stop...or grab the door...nothing...and I'm like "it's not my job people and it's not like I do this for fun!!" Some people are just so beyond rude. <br />
<br />
I think holding the door open for people is the right thing to do...and no matter how rude people are...I still do it. :D

The sad thing is the people are so surprised because NO ONE does this anymore. a few weeks ago i was trying to push one of my clients in their wheel chair up a ramp while holding the door open and trying to turn them through the door, the enitre place was filled with people and do you think i could get someone to hold the door for me?i actually asked a man if he would mind helping me and he ignored me and walked away.<br />
so we need more people like you in this world

I agree - it is being polite.