It Was What I Was Taught.

i was taught to hold the door open.i have had some women when i was younger actually get mad.mad,but i always done it.this is good should do it.maybe you will help someone by showing good manners.

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

manners are so cool...why are people forgetting??? sigh<br />
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ha ha, oh well, us older folks will help right?

I was raised in a very strict home mom is so old school. we were very well mannered kids an adult and parent , i have taught my kids manners and they know better when we are out ...specially when we go to relatives or friends...just hope they never forget. this world is so crazy ...rudeness sad =-(

yes,i is sad that it is fading away.

As a woman, I do the same but somewhat different. WHen I'm going into a storre and see someone will come in right behind me, I hold the door open on the inside until they get to it. Just common decency.<br />
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