The Very Least I Could Do

I love holding the door for people, I love sharing a smile with a passerby, picking up random trash, putting fallen items from the floor back onto the shelf in stores, letting a car in my lane when they put their blinker on, letting a pedestrian across, there are so many that are so easy to do. They don't take much energy and they really are just  nice simple things to do. I love the saying "Pay it forward" because,from what I have seen, it is true , when you do the smallest gesture of kindness for a person, they are more likely to give someone else a random act of kindness, one they might not of given if not for yours. Even if that person never pays it forward, that's ok, that's not why I did it. I did it just to do it because it was nice and cost me nothing. It was the very least I could do.

I live in Dallas and it is not friendliest place so I think it needs the most help, I get to practice eveyday!

36-40, F
Feb 5, 2010