We Will Just Call Them

Susan, Molly, Jan, Jack, Bert, Mike, Bart, Bret, and Beauregard. 

Mike is the one that is completely different from the rest.  He is just really different.

Now, Susan and Molly are together in the same pot - and they are starting to take off.  Just dreading having to re-pot them. 

Bert has really taken off and all.  Full thick leaves, and is also different from the rest.

Bart, Bret, and Beauregard are the ones that i am going to let continue to grow and never ever let flower.  Im just looking for leaves and longevity out of them. 

Jack and Jan are doing ok also. 

Overall, i am pleased with how well they are all doing.

Kinda ran out of rainwater and i am expecting it to rain this week - according to TWC.com and the local news.  I know, i know - it ain't gonna rain til God says so.  But, i can hope.  Besides, although i do have Miracid Fertilizer, i still want to keep them organic.  And they are organic right now. 

Guess we will see how they all turn out over time.

*Mike and Jack are both named for Michael Jackson

*Bert is a play on Bird - named after my BFF

*Bart, Bret, and Beauregard are named after the Maverick brother's and Pappy Maverick, Beauregard.

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1 Response Dec 16, 2009

I have ALWAYS been intereseted in home growing.. I haven't been a smoker in years.. but I wanted to start a business... There is definitely an art and practice to it. But I would have to do it indoors. I thought of making a grow box. Mmm I do love the smell of it though! How long have you been growing? I love the names for your babies LOL :P