There's No Place Like Home. There's No Place Like Home.....

There are precious few possessions that will remain with me forever, but my Dorothy table will go with me to a nursing home someday. I found her in an independent coffee house I supported. There she was.... sitting on the counter, displaying bags of their on site roasted coffee beans. Her price tag... $60.00. I was newly divorced twenty years ago and trying to make my way in my new, lonely world. I really didn't have any "play" money to spend on something so frivolous, but I did.

I took Dorothy home to my sparse apartment. I was alone, but Dorothy made that apartment my "home."

I recently repaired her nicks, chips, and dings that twenty years and many moves had placed on her. I repainted her slippers and gave her new rubies. Doesn't she look fantastic?!?!

I hope you, too, have "priceless" items, memory pieces, that you will never part with... treasured "things" that make your house a home.

"Home! And thus is my room, and you're all here. And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all--- oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home!"
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Oh My.

Awwww, how sentimental! This table is so you! Colorful and funny.

Hello, Ricki. :-))) do you have special belongings?

Not such big things. The works I did in glass school, my poetry album, a few plushies given from beloved ones.

Special K. your home is a magical place. How warm and inviting. Is my room the first one on the right? mini hands Kathie her bag.......

You must be weary from your flight, mini. Let me fix you a cold drink! oxoxoxoxo

Good grief! What a one of a kind find!
I love how the skirt even has a scalloped edge. Great detail.

She's a cutie, alright. Hi, Lilters. I hope your weekend is going well. oxo

She is a kick :) What I love best about this is that you "went for it" because you found something that spoke to your soul. Yay you, K-dart :)

I've certainly gotten my money's worth through the years, Slyph. Howdy, pal. Muwah

I would of bought her too...even if it meant noodles for a month! She's a beauty, KD. Oh, gosh, there really is no place like home....your home feels like a place over the rainbow :) (wee tear)

I had a few tears too while writing this. I was thrown into a different world. I had no idea how to function as a single person after being married for years. It felt unreal, scary, and oh so lonesome.
Ok, I could bawl again... Haha. We've come a long way... Yes YOU have, stop that! <3

How did you know I was going say that? (((((((((((YOU)))))))))))

((( you and me ))) wish you lived next door...

Me, that would be amazing. *smiles and thinks how lovely that would be*

Hello, mejj. Thanks for stopping by. The entire table is wood, even the shoes. ;-) thank you for spreading your joy, and as you say, " CHEERS!"

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'm not surprised that you have something so whimsical. It seems to fit in with all of the other colorful objects there - including its owner...

Your comment made me sit here and smile, sciguy. I was in a bewildered and sad place when I bought this table. I owe a lot of thanks to the whimsy and color that got me through those.... years. Thank you, and you are being hugged.