8/16/14 Many years ago I was given 2 strings of plastic multi-colored chili peppers. They are really bright and I cherish them as they belonged to a dear friend. I always hung them on the sides of my kitchen windows. They are there today. Several years ago I had a serious discussion with my son. I asked him what is the one item you want from my house after I am gone. We do not have these conversations very often as he gets very uncomfortable. This time he actually gave it some thought. He told me the one item he wanted was the plastic peppers. But.... he made a stipulation. They had to be completely undisturbed He wanted the peppers to be complete with the dust intact. So from that day to this they are known as "The Dusty Peppers". My whole family knows the story. Who knew so long ago those silly plastic Dusty peppers were destined to be a family heirloom. I grin every time I see them which is often as they hang on the sides of my kitchen window above the sink. Come by sometime and you can see them.
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I agree you should post a picture =)

:::and then you WONDER WHY you have allergies:::: Oy. You'll leave enuff dust when you die. I say restore their bright color and clean them .

Silly Puddetat, I never said I don't wash them . I just don't tell you know who. I still have my secrets. tsk tsk tsk mini : }

You must post a photo of them in their natural habitat.

Aaaaaaaahchoooo! If that doesn't take the cake! I like that texting fanatic kid of yours who even wants your authentic dust... Extra cute story, mini. MUWAH