Overhead Crane Safety Precautions By Setting Crane Controls

Cranes are used to lift absolute heavy loads from many years in heavy manufacturing industries. The cranes have made the construction work and the transportation work very easy to perform in heavy manufacturing and construction sites. The cranes are particularly able to lift the loads weighing tons, and move them from one place to another in a very convenient manner with lesser human efforts. According to the requirement of the various kinds of work, the various types of the cranes were introduced in market for some specific requirement according to the customized requirements of the industries. Some of these types are the overhead cranes, the truck mounted crane, side lift crane, crawler crane, tower crane, jib crane, etc. These cranes are particularly categorized in three: fixed cranes, mobile crane and overhead crane. The efficiency, capacity and applications of each crane is different from each other. But the crane controls are absolutely very necessary for all types of lifts being used in the industries.

The Overhead cranes are mostly used in the manufacturing and the transportation companies. The Overhead cranes in the manufacturing and production companies are used to move tons of the heavy loads. The use of the overhead cranes in many cases can be out of sight. All the workers who work are going to work around the crane should be thoroughly trained on the crane hazards and its operations. The most crucial thing is to remember the safety issues near the crane. The crane controls are also necessary for the proper functioning.

The crane operator controls the movement of the crane. The operator of the crane should be very well trained and certified to operate. The operator should know how to inspect the crane for any possible error or any fault in the parts of the crane. The cranes equipped with the audible warning devices are safer than the other types. The workers around the crane need to know the warning signal of the crane so that they can act accordingly.

Many crane accidents happen due to the lifting loads which are above the highest limits of the cranes. The crane operators often try to lift heavy loads which are slightly more than the limits of the crane, which must be avoided under any circumstances. The operator should know the limits of the crane to lift and move the loads as according to the norms. While moving the loads, the path for the crane must be very well cleared, for the safety of others. It also provides a clear view to the operator and the operator can easily choose the path that he wants. The loads which exceed the limit of the crane must be avoided in any case. And also before using the crane, ensure that the crane control is in place.

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Jan 16, 2013