Advantages Of High Quality Gum Eliminator Machines

Gum removal equipment, as the name suggests, are used for removing chewing gum from floor and walls. The menace of chewing gum is most felt at buildings of educational institutions, theaters, stadiums, and shopping malls. There is neither any way to prevent people from dumping chewing gums in public place nor any easy option to quickly remove the gum residues.

The only way is to use high quality gum removal equipment regularly or when the need arises. For example, after a big match in a stadium. There are many advantages of using high quality gum removal equipment. However, you must know how to find out the most suitable machine for removing chewing gums.

Steamers and Steam Pressure Washers for Gum Removal

Steamers and steam pressure washers are the best gum removal equipment. No other cleaning machines come even close. The mode of operation of these machines is ideally suited for removing chewing gums.

Vapor steamers eject high temperature output onto the chewing gum pieces. The output melts the gum residues, irrespective of how deeply the gum pieces are bonded to the surface. The molten gum pieces are extracted by a vacuum.

The use of these machines has many advantages:

Quick cleaning
Vapor steamers work by letting out high temperature output on to the chewing gum pieces. The output temperature of these machines can range up to 369ºF. It will result in quick melting of the gum residues. Steam pressure washers are also extremely efficient in gum removal, as they can also attain temperatures of up to 330ºF.

Steam cleaner machines equipped with a vacuum feature can extract the gum pieces very quickly. Manual removal may not be as efficient. The only other option is to use a separate vacuum. It can be a time consuming process. The latest steam cleaner machines come equipped with a vacuum feature. These machines both melt and extract chewing gum residues.

Pressure Levels
The latest steam pressure washer machines from reputed suppliers can attain pressure levels of up to 3500 psi. Such high pressure levels can blast away the gum residues easily.

Portable steam cleaner machines are easy to operate. These are basically walk-behind machines. Taking these machines from one place to another does not take much effort. Their portability comes handy when cleaning large areas. Cleaning workers prefer portable steam cleaner or steam pressure washer machines for cleaning stadiums, shopping malls, and educational institutions.

A good chewing gum removal equipment should be able to sanitize the surface along with removing chewing gums. Using a vapor steamer as a gum remover helps, as its high temperature output sanitizes the surface to some extent.

Many cleaning professionals recommend the use of a dry steamer equipped with an anti-bacterial technology for use as a chewing gum removal equipment. These machines make sure that the output eliminates a number of disease-causing microorganisms.

Chewing gums can be hosts of many dangerous bacteria and fungi. Using a sophisticated dry steamer as gum remover helps in removing almost all of these disease-causing species.

It has to be noted that you should buy a top model of specialized gum removal equipment from a premier supplier to get the whole range of benefits.

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Sep 12, 2012