I See Light After Much Darkness

I feel like we have gone through a renaissance of our own. I have three small children, two of which are school age. From early on I saw that my oldest had learning problems.

It was half way through kindergarten that they finally put her in special ed. She is a bright child, but has severe ADHD. I know some think everyone has ADHD... many people carry some traits, but yes there are some individuals who actually do suffer from this learning disability! My daughter is one of those that trully do suffer with it. At first I went along with the recommendation to put her on a low dose of ritalin. I saw some change, and was pleased for awhile. It broke my heart when my 5 year old girl told me that she hated herself because she was different from everyone and felt stupid.

I changed her from regular public school to a charter school that used the Montessory method of learning. It helped even more and I was pleased for the time being. Then my son started school and he too showed a delay in learning. I was surprised! I didn't expect that from him. I found out just before our family moved out of state that he didn't know any of the basics he should in kindergarten even though he was three quarters of the way through the year.

After moving I decided to start homeschooling and just after the last quarter of the year I saw imense progress in each of them! It is still a struggle at times with my daughter, but that is to be expected. ADHD doesn't go away, but with a change of diet, exersize, and more one on one attention (and a low stress environment) she now feels intelligent and confident in herself. She is proud of who she is and she loves learning!

Homeschooling my kids is not easy. It can be extremely tiresome to be teacher/mom/homemaker/lover/etc and still feel sane. Despite the challenges, I am so grateful to have the opportunity and support to be able to homeschool my children. I feel like I am blessed to know my kids in a way many parents never get the chance to do. They are a great joy in my heart.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

You are an amazing woman. I wish you the best.