I Started Homeschooling This Past Year...

I have two children. I made the decision to homeschool after my oldest child (who was ten at the time and has a learning disability) had a horrible fourth grade year. Every year it was the same thing. We would go in and talk to the teachers about our son's needs. They would all nod their heads and do whatever they wanted. We noticed that our son was falling further behind. When we addressed this with his teachers, they would say, "It will come...". However, it never did. Then came the point where they tried to focus on my son's "attention". They appeared to want me to slap my kid on meds rather than deal with his pasive-aggressiveness (he would shut down because he didn't want to do the work).

When we brought him home, he could barely read, write, or do math on grade level. Here was this child going into the fifth grade and he could barely do work past a late second/ early third grade level. Lovely; huh? He also had a rotten attitude as well. So we had a plethora of issues to deal with. I am very happy to say that my son improved immensely in all areas after his first year. He's still not caught up yet; but we are woking on it. At least he can write a coherent sentence, identify parts of speech, multiply/divide, and use phonics to decode words for reading.

My youngest child has never seen the inside of a public school and probably never will-not after what happened to my oldest child.

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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

Good for you. My son is autistic and I heard enough horror stories about my nephew who is autistic in school so that I NEVER sent my 9 year old to school. This is our 5th year homeschooling and he's doing great. His needs are perfectly met and he's working at a 4th grade level.

I say good for your son. I homeschooled my daughter full time in K-10. She is going to a private school part time this year. In the beginning we started because we didn't like the school she would go to. We continued because she was diognosed with "a severe visual perception learnng disability". Dyslexia is only a very small part of it. I was able to adapt school to her learning style. We were able to work on things that she struggles with. In the 5th grade we did an extensive phonics program. She also did a year and a half of vision therpy. But helped her learn to work within her disability.<br />
She ask if she could go to school this year. We said yes. It has been an adjustment for her but she loves it. The first 9 weeks ended today and sheis on the honor roll. Not bad for a kid they said was retarded. She also made the varsity cheerleading squad. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She is my child but I respect her for that. She works hard to make good grades.<br />
Hangin there with your son. You will never be sorry you invested this time in him. He will accomplish great things because you believe in him. Of course there are things that I wish I had done differantly or covered better, but I know she would have gotten lost in a traditional classroom. She wants to be a teacher, and I KNOW she will be awesome. She knows what it is like to work for everything you get. <br />
Hang in there. Message me if you get down, or want to brainstorm something.