I Only Honk Once, Why Me?

They have those signals flashing during the times when its school hours and kids are being brought in and out of it.  So this morning i rode my normal speed through Holcomb Bridge and as i came to that area, I slow down to let people behind to to do the same.  Its always courteous to do so especially in a school zone.

So i went completely at 25 MPH and this idiot on my left starts passing me up. All I could see at this points are headlights.  I honk my horn notifying him of the speed he was going, and as I did it was the two tone black and white city cop car.  Oh crap, my heart pounds and i wonder if it was alright. I knew my rights as a citizen and my only concern at that moment was just in case some kids were crossing up ahead.

His lights FLASH on top, and I go "OH S***!"  He veers to the middle, maybe his gonna take my plates down and give me a warning.  Screw him, i would have done the same if he wasn't a cop. Then I sigh with relief.  The moment I honk at him it was the same area on the other oncoming traffic that had a CRASH. Who knew i was just lucky, and he turned around to report that incident. I was surely relieve.  

People are still passing me up, late for work I guess. I was on my way home so I didn't care. Then another county cop pulls in my way of direction, and I'm going "here we go again!"  All I could do at this moment is roll down my window, laugh really really loud and do 45 on my slow lane.  

What is up with this time change?  Normally at this hour its light and I could see who's who on the road.  But this morning I see the big full moon setting down on the WEST and a slightly sun just rising from the EAST.  Its messing up my internal time clock.    

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 11, 2009