I hooked up with my ex while engaged! It was wrong to my man,but it was SO RITE to me. My ex was over,visiting our daughter. I didn't want to cheat,but my feelings for my ex are out of control. My ex is sitting there,on my sofa,looking soooo fine. I'm sitting there,trying to play cool,twirling my engagement ring,tryin so hard to be cool. He's getting up to leave...I don't want him to go...I want to tell him I don't want him to go....I'm screaming on the inside,please please don't go! He at the door...I have to do something fast. I get up,forget everything. Everything hr has done to me,everything i've been through...my boyfriend sitting at home...nothing matters...I have to touch him,hold him,hug him,feel him,kiss him....kiss him. I kissed him. I held him. I hugged him. Told him how much I missed him....you know what happened from there. But after its over...when its all said and done....he still leaves...and I'm still left,sitting there,trying to play cool,twirling this damn ring...
glamachick0416 glamachick0416
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1 Response Apr 25, 2007

Was it worth it? Did you get married?