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2011 The Lost Year

2011 wasn't the greatest year; my mind was messed up; I was having bad thoughts that I never had before, and thanks to my stupid; he messed up mind and my thoughts, and made me lose a year not being myself. He messed up on my medication; he had put me on a medication for 4-5 years and it started to affect how I think, and sleep. In the spring time; I was bombarded by wrong,scary thoughts that I couldn't sleep most of the night. It wasn't until May that I found out that my medication was too high so he lowered it; when he did; it caused more confusion for the first week or so but my mind started getting a little bit better. I had to change my medication 3 times this year; and I had to take  blood tests 3 times. Now, my thoughts are starting to change and most of the wrong bad thoughts have disappeared. I feel that I missed most of this year where I could have enjoyed 2011 better if it wasn't for the damn doctor. In spring time; some of the time I stayed in bed for the whole day because my thoughts were tormenting; I  felt that I was in my own hell. hopefully; my thoughts will be completely gone, and I'll be myself again.

I know some people believed that the world is going to end in 2012; but I don't believe it. I've heard few times, and never happened. Nobody knows when the world is going to end Except God. I"m sure he's laughing when people say when the world is going to end.
LittleLena LittleLena 36-40, F 2 Responses Nov 23, 2011

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Awww my sweet friend, this is awful - too many doctors just assume they know what they are doing, but being a doctor is a bit like being a policeman - they have to put all the pieces together to get a diagnosis, but there are SO many things that mimic the same things and they can be soo arrogant to assume they know they are right!! Its time we took a stand to say either prove your keeping your education up to date or refer us on to the RIGHT specialist..... but don't just play around with meds, because you THINK you know what your doing....... I am sure 2012 will be better for both of us...... hugs to you my friend, x

I agree with you :-) they think they know what they're doing. a doctor should never mess with medications because it will mess with the mind and heart which can kill a person. hugs

Ahhhhh! my baby girl i am so sorry to read this! happened to you! :( I obviously had no idea! :( How incompetant was your doctor! omg!! he should be brought to book over that! :( I sincerely hope and pray you will be back to your wonderful bright and happy self real soon, my gorgeous sweet and kind friend! :D Loves ya! doll :D <br />
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Your last paragraph my doll!? "personally i think the world will end, when we die" that is when the world ends! <br />
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May i thank you so much for sharing your post my gorgeous! :D :D <>

thanks welshbabe :-) we tried to sue him but no lawyer will take our case. I guess you have to have lots of money to sue a doctor. I'm getting better and better everyday :-) I agree; it ends when all humans die.